The Top 5 Pieces Of Bullsh*t You Need To Break Up With

Michelle Akin
2 min readDec 6, 2021

Just posted all five on insta with very short commentary on each, but wanted to expand on them here.

For today, let’s start with the first:

Graphic that says: “I have way too much going on to focus on my art.” With a steaming pile pf poo graphic next to it.

Hey look, I get it. I’ve said it! It’s even been “true,” but only because I MADE IT SO.

Art is intimate.
It’s risky.
Both creating it, and sharing it.

As human beings, we naturally lean away from discomfort as a survival instinct. However, we also don’t want to admit that. We don’t want it to be about how uncomfortable we are, so we invent excuses.

Eventually, the excuses aren’t enough. As we get older, especially, we begin to construct a world around us, one in which the things that were previously “made up excuses” are now REAL.

For example, if your excuse was that you didn’t have time, you might…

  • Say yes to anything and everything
  • Make other people’s problems your priority
  • Commit to way too much, and be constantly overwhelmed

Of course you don’t have time for your art; you have designed it that way!

In fact, your busy life had BECOME your art. The assignment? CREATE THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF BUSY AND OVERWHELMED.

Next: Self-promote that shit!

Invite anyone and everyone to the opening of your show! Let them see how stressed you are, how UNABLE TO FOCUS ON ART your life has made you.

Bonus points: Make it immersive

Let the people in your life really FEEL the impact of your busy existence. Make it so that they expect VERY little of you and your time. Then, give them your time anyway, OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF YOUR HEART.

Whatever you do, don’t look around and realize how you have created the perfect conditions to be uninspired.

If this is you, you need to be at Break Up With Your BS LIVE this weekend. I just added the schedule for the day with the topics each speaker will be covering, so go check it out, and snag your ticket.

See you tomorrow with number two. (hehehehe 💩)




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